Brand Color Part 5: Is Your Color Green?

Brandtini green brand association using mixed drink with slices of lime

If your brand attributes communicate growth, optimism, or healing – green is the color for you. With shades ranging from a pale seafoam to a deep forest, green is a relaxing color that can symbolize new life and renewal. According to Empower Yourself With Color Psychology, “Green is associated with nature, health and healing, and the environment, creating a sense of compassion and nurturing for all.” The complementary color is red. Companies with the brand color green include:


When Not to Use Green: Avoid overuse of the color green. Too much green can lead to feelings of envy, greed and selfishness. Dirty olive green can have negative connotations unless it is associated with the environment.

Shades of Green:

Darker green relates to money, wealth and prestige.
Lighter green relates to growth and freshness.

Watch the Reach Personal Branding video on the attributes of the color green:

It is easier for businesses to associate with brand attributes of the company, i.e., trustworthy, secure and loyal, but for individuals it is sometimes hard to determine which color best communicates different brand attributes. This is helpful once you have your Reach 360° Survey assessment results. To determine the color of your brand, contact Robin to get started. If you think green is your color, comment below and tell us what makes you green.

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