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Let's get some step-by-step expert mixologist knowledge paired with a beverage on the side
Learn from anywhere with a mix of online edutainment (entertaining + educational) brand, design and media signature and mini-courses paired with a beverage on the side. The courses focus on the tools needed to take immediate action to help your brand grow.


30 Days or less so you can easily learn and launch.
DIY it on your time from anywhere.

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1 Lesson

The Mimosa: 5 Steps to Brand & Media Utopia

Learn the 5 steps to gain brand and media exposure.

0 Lessons

The Dirty Martini: A Video Production Blitz

Learn the 5 positive vibe steps in video development from planning to props to DIY and PRO equipment and post-production micro content development.

8 Lessons

The Straight Up: Rapid Launch Your Business in 8 weeks

From Idea to Influence and Impact, you will have your business launched with all the tactical brand, design and website tips and tricks.


Mini 5 Days or less so you can learn on the go in small sips and bites, One video, One Work Sheet, One quiz a day.

TEXT MESSAGE COURSES (great for those outside the US)

Text message courses are our most minimalist way to learn, we simply pick 1 topic and 1 Tip Sheet and text you a daily training - we link to YouTube videos to support the meaning and use mobile texting to reply with quizzes - link with us on whatsapp here


Happy and successful customers say it best. No slurr testimonials. We asked those that were drinking mocktails to share their success.
After being in business for 2 years it was time to up date my brand and website, The LevelUp course helped me achieve new focused brand positioning and launch a new website.
Debi N.
Author - Educator
When I first heard Robin had developed a rapid launch program I knew Rapid Launch would help to take my business to the next level, bit it turned out to be so much more than that! The program is carefully thought out so that I always had a tactical task to work on that directly benefitted my business, while we continued to move forward with strategy and the end goal always in mind. All of us in the cohort came from very different industries and various places of maturity with our business yet Robin and Mignon effectively supported us all. I am so thankful for this community.
Becky P.
IT Consulting Firm


Mixologists Robin and Mignon - The Mimosa 5 C's to Brand & Media Utopia is a Brandtini Signature course launching January 2022, you will learn how to.....

Slay the Tipsy Brand

Get clear on why you are outreaching to media.

Time to Sober Up

Get clarity on your brands unique positioning.

Straight Up Ready

Get media ready with consistent touch points.

Let's Mix and Mingle

Messaging for outreach to get your message to the media.