Brand Color Part 3: Is Your Color Red?

By July 8, 2016May 29th, 2017Brand Color Association, Brandtini Mix
Brandtini red brand association with raspberry red cocktails

If your brand attributes communicate power, energy, passion, love, or courage – red is the color for you. With shades running the gamut from pink to burgundy, red is an emotionally charged color that can symbolize romance or signify danger. According to Empower Yourself With Color Psychology, “Red is a warm and positive color, a very physical color which draws attention to itself and calls for action to be taken.” Pairing red with its complementary color green or the other primary colors – yellow and blue – will soften the presence of the dominant color.

Companies with the brand color red include:


When Not to Use Red: Avoid using red to promote a business emphasizing relaxation or meditation, because red is commonly associated with energy.

Shades of Red:

Pink – Romance, love, femininity.
Light red – Joy, passion, sensitivity.
Crimson red –Success, dramatic, sensual.
Scarlet red –Enthusiasm, life, defiant.
Dark red – Vigor, leadership, courage.
Maroon red – Controlled, thoughtful, action.
Burgundy red –Sophisticated, serious, ambitious.

Watch the Reach Personal Branding video on the attributes of the color red:

It is easier for businesses to associate with brand attributes of the company, i.e., trustworthy, secure and loyal, but for individuals it is sometimes hard to determine which color best communicates different brand attributes. This is helpful once you have your Reach 360°Survey assessment results. To determine the color of your brand, contact Robin to get started. If you think red is your color, comment below and tell us what makes you red.

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