Gerard Laurain

By June 1, 2016May 29th, 2017Portfolio
Brandtini Geard Laurain work kit designs

Project Description

Gerard Laurain is a long time B2B Marketing Executive ready to take his brand social to explore his Entrepreneurial passion for Marketing outside the Telecom Industry. Gerard was known as the Guru of Telecom marketing within his corporate circle yet when googled he did not show up online. Gerard wanted to own his brand online and stake a position with in the Marketing industry that he was ready for something bigger and better. Gerard chose the Elite Brand Work Kit to be ready to launch his brand in social settings online and in print for new potential opportunities.


Branding Deliverables

  • 360Survey Assessment
  • Personal Brand on Demand Video Module for pre-work with Workbook
  • Brand One Sheet
  • Branded BIO + Resume
  • Executive Portfolio content support
  • Brand Mood Board
  • Photo shoot Plan
  • Brand Work Kit

Agency Partner Deliverables (eeko studio)

  • Identity
  • Collateral (logo, business card, letterhead)
  • Online Social Media sites
  • Executive Portfolio and other Career Collateral
  • Style Guide

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